Gardens Map

Description of NBGC Gardens and Blue Star Memorial

Listed in chronological order, these are the areas in our City where Nassau Bay Garden Club members have established public gardens, beginning with the Blue Star Memorial on NASA Parkway. Numbers correspond to the map of our city above.

BlueStarMemorialMarker– infront of Chick-fil-A restaurant on NASA Parkway

1. David Braun Park Entrance Gardens – (either side of entrance to Park Road)

Since 1976 – Two gardens flanking the entrance to David Braun Park were established along with the planting of 50 palm trees, eight oaks and a land- scaped triangle as a USA bicentennial project. A series of tropical storms and hurricanes over the years have added to the decimation of several trees planted for this celebration. Palms lining Park Road and the entrance gardens still exist today.

2. Tranquility Arbor – (corner of Martinique and Upper Bay Road)

Since 1978 – This garden and arbor were established during the height of the NASA astronaut programs. It’s a long-time favorite spot of residents and visitors for relaxing and picture taking. Club members decorate the arbor every December for the holidays.

3. Swan Lagoon Park Butterfly Garden – (near park entrance on Lagoon Drive)

Since 2005 – Always looking toward attracting butterflies to our City, several plants they love were set into a kidney-shaped area of this neighborhood park. It sits close enough to a picnic gazebo and sidewalk to be enjoyed by all visitors.

4. David Braun Park Reflection Garden – (with 2 benches just inside David Braun Park, on the creek

Since 2007 – With the guidance of the Club, this garden was professionally designed, landscaped, and planted 2006-2007. Dedication took place in July 2007 during the City’s Independence Day celebration at David Braun Park. After Hurricane Ike in September 2008 flooded the area, it became necessary to replant some areas. A local boy scout, working on his Eagle badge, was guided by club president Anne Adams in the spring of 2011 to expand the garden.

5. Upper Bay Circle Garden – (Upper Bay Court and Upper Bay Road)

Since 2011 – This pocket park on a main road through our City is adorned with a gazebo and benches. The little cul-de-sac esplanade is known as Upper Bay Circle and is maintained for the enjoyment of residents and visitors on their way to David Braun Park.